TwXplorer Offers More Ways to Search Twitter

I tweeted out the link to TwXplorer a few days ago but just had a chance to try it myself. It’s a new Knight Foundation lab search tool for twitter. It offers you the last 500 tweets on a keyword, plus it gives you

  • graph showing the most common other words that appear
  • list of the most common links appearing in those tweets, and
  • most popular hashtags associated with you keyword.

Here’s a search I did for the term fiscal:ss_twXplorer

Note that you see tweets in the left column, in the middle column you get terms used in those tweets and and a list of links that frequently appearl.

In the far right column you get the common hashtags people are using with that keyword. This is the most valuable to me, as many times I can’t figure out what hashtag people are using when I am tracking a topic. If you click on one of the hashtags, you can delve deeper. This is what I got when I clicked on (or filtered) for #news:



And for our international friends, you can search in 12 languages.

Here’s a more fun search, for all you Pirates fans rejoicing today:

ss_twXplorer_pittsburghInteresting that I found the keyword Pittsburgh  was better than Pirates.

Try it out and tell me what you like.


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