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Jan 29

TIP: Build Stories with Follow-Ups and News Archives

One of my first jobs in TV was to work the Follow-Up Desk, a franchise segment reported and fronted by one of the anchors.  I had to come up with two follow-up or “what ever happened to ____” each week. … Read More

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Jan 17

Lessons to Learn from Te’o Story Errors

The Manti Te’o story all over the media today points out some lapses that journalists didn’t see. Many recounted the story, and perhaps should have done more fact-checking. Brian Moritz,  in his Sports Media Guy blog,  aptly points out some … Read More

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Jan 07

Top Five Search Tips for 2013

Here are five of my best tips for more effective searching online with search engines: 1. Put adjacent words or phrases in quotes. Put phrases in quotes.  The search engines all put an “and” in between words so if you type: … Read More

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