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Aug 29

Quick Source for Data on Metro Areas

Checking out a new city for a job?  Or need some quick stats for a story where you are working?  The Data Dashboard, part of the Urban Institute‘s Metro Trends is a helpful resource. You will find 366 metro areas … Read More

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Aug 21

Resources Related to March on Washington

The 50th anniversary of the March on Washington is Aug. 28 with many events planned leading up to it, including a March this Saturday.  If you want to pitch a story related to the marches or if your newsroom is … Read More

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Aug 14

15 Minutes To Being a Much Better Searcher

It’s the time when professors are readying their syllabi and class preps. I always do a session on how to be a good researcher early in every journalism class. So as I was working on that today I found a … Read More

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Aug 09

Google Adds In-Depth Section

If you’re like most people,  you don’t scroll down the page of results from a search engine. Research shows most people look at the top 3 or 5. That means you might be missing a great new feature from Google … Read More

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Aug 05

#5 of 5 Tips on Better Searching: Related Searches

Today’s great Google tip is how to find more sites like one you know of.  Especially if you are researching something that is not very common, you might need more information than the one specialized website you have just found. … Read More

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