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Jun 06

Helping Your Audience in Hurricane Season

With Florida under a Tropical Storm Watch, I thought it time to update and repost some resources for both journalists and citizens related to hurricanes. FEMA advice on what to do before, during and after a hurricane Apps for readers, … Read More

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Jun 06

How to Report on Ramadan

Last night began Ramadan, the holiest month for the world’s 1.3 billion. Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world, and most of its followers are not in the Middle East. Here are some resources for covering Ramadan in the next … Read More

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Sep 01

Ready Rep on Sabbatical

I’m taking a break from the blog to work on a new online media law class. Hope to return soon. –Barbara Fought 

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Aug 25

Several Services Offer Ways to Track Bankruptcies

updated 9-3 to correct information about PacerMonitor “Every reporter is going to have to cover a bankruptcy case that means something to their local community,” says Wall Street Journal reporter Katy Stech, who covers bankruptcy exclusively. The traditional way, the … Read More

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Jul 21

Reporter’s Legal Guide Available at Your Fingertips

You’re out reporting on a story and you encounter a situation in which you’re unsure about whether you can record due to privacy laws. Or you wonder if you can record police arresting someone since you’ve heard some of the … Read More

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Jul 07

Pitch Stories on Renting Since Fewer People Own Homes

Since my parents owned a home and I own a home,  I probably have a bias that most people own their home. I think a lot of news coverage shows that bias, as well.  I’m continually surprised, when I teach … Read More

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Jul 01

Google’s Research Guru Dan Russell Offers Weekly Tips That Can Make You A Better Searcher

note: after 6 months, ReadyReporter is back and ready to give you more tips for quicker, better, smarter reporting. One of the most popular seminars at the Investigative Reporters and Editors Conference each year is the one led by Goggle’s … Read More

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Jan 05

RR on Temporary Hiatus

I’m doing some TV work for the next six weeks — hosting a public affairs show–on top of my teaching schedule. And so I’m taking a break from Ready Reporter.  But I’ll be back. –Barbara

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Dec 30

Best Tips of the Year for Journalists

In case you missed them here are some of the top tips from the year to help make you a better journalist: Tips from investigative reporters on how to find people online or in databases. An amazing new way of … Read More

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Aug 11

Check What Corporations Get Government Subsidies

I continue to be amazed at the online resources that I didn’t know about. I just learned about a website that allows you to look at what corporate tax breaks and subsidies are handed out by city and county governments. … Read More

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