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Sep 25

Explain the Yom Kippur to Viewers, Readers, Listeners

At sunset Jews will be observing Yom Kippur, the holiest of days in the Jewish calendar. Some of you may be doing live shots from temples or interviewing a rabbi or alerting your audience to traffic tie-ups near synagogues. If … Read More

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Sep 19

Find Out What Medical Terms Mean

If an AP story, a medical article or a medical staffer  uses a term you don’t understand, here’s a great site, Health Information,  to bookmark for all medical terms. The source is good — the National Institutes for Health. This site … Read More

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Sep 12

How to verify an online source

I was just checking a website purported to have helpful information about health care law.  The website didn’t list anything about the staff or owner in its “About” section.  When I checked who had registered the site I found a … Read More

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Sep 05

Help for finding federal statistics

I spent 30 minutes on a federal agency website recently, looking for what I thought should be simple information. I finally had to call the public relations staff to get an analyst to help me. So here is a good … Read More

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