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Oct 28

What To Do In A Hurricane

Here are helps for hurricane coverage: FEMA advice on what to do before, during and after a hurricane Tips on terms from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)  — click “Know the Terms” at bottom of page See what is available … Read More

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Oct 22

Find Latest Scientific Studies

If you’re interested in tracking some of the latest scientific studies to localize for a story in your market, be sure to go regularly to EurekAlert.  This website is one of the key places to find the latest scientific studies … Read More

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Oct 16

Try This One-Stop Sports Site

Everybody likes to bad-mouth Detroit so I’m delighted to see the baseball team from my old hometown in the play-offs, especially since I live in Yankee country.  With sports a  popular topic around here, I was reminded to tell you … Read More

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Oct 03

Internet Archive May Be Best Research Tool Ever

I can’t imagine how it does it, but the Internet Archive says it has collected most everything that’s every been published on the Internet — 150 billion web pages! Plus it has recorded all the TV news shows produced since … Read More

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