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Feb 25

Calendars Can Tip You to Story Ideas

I tell my students that it’s the hardest thing we do: Find a good story.  So when three of the reporters in class had enterprise stories — not done even by the commercial media in town — we debriefed each … Read More

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Feb 18

Best Search Tip Ever – Use Phrase Searching

Students are supposed to be high-tech and know how to use technology, right? I just led a session for students on how to be a better online searcher and was surprised that they were surprised to find out how effective … Read More

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Feb 11

Covering the Pope Resignation

I was surprised to hear the news in the last hour that Pope Benedict  is resigning in a few weeks.  Here are some resources to help as you cover this story today: List of  Jesuit colleges  and Roman Catholic seminaries in the U.S., … Read More

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Feb 07

Help for Covering the Blizzard

The Northeast is on watch for the blizzard-of-the-century so check out these resources that might provide tips or factoids for all those doing  coverage: state emergency preparedness offices your local utility company website for power outages or how-tos, for example, National … Read More

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