Google Adds In-Depth Section


If you’re like most people,  you don’t scroll down the page of results from a search engine. Research shows most people look at the top 3 or 5. That means you might be missing a great new feature from Google called In Depth.

Nowadays you get more than just a list of results for your search.  Have you noticed that Google, and the other search engines are now providing you more. They’re guessing at other related content that would interest you. For example: definitions, short bios, maps,  similar search terms and more.

Look to the bottom of the screen on Google for a section labeled “in-depth articles.” It only appears on certain broad topics, and Google just rolled it out this week.  For example, here’s what is at the bottom of the page when you search on population growth:


Sure, it’s a selection of what Google thought was important – -here National Geographic, Guardian and New Yorker are the sources. Seems to me to be a great tool for journalists looking to background themselves on a topic.

Read more about it from Google and check it out.

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