Top Five Web Sites to Follow News

Job requirement: keep up with the news. So what are the best sites to check or autoload on your web browser?

In our student newsrooms, we see the AP wires within the ENPS system where we write scripts. But in addition,  I suggest producers in my radio reporting class keep five websites open, on various tabs in their browser,  to check regularly. You can adapt them to your computer, smartphone or IPad:

I love, as a quick way to see what’s in the news. Delighted to find out it comes from the designer of my favorite app, Flipboard. 

Newsmap a graphical representation of headlines on Google News, with the most frequent stories gaining the largest space and type. It includes these world, national, business, technology, sports, entertainment and health categories. You  pull up headlines in just one of the topics, or see them all.  This treemap is courtesy of design engineer Marcos Weskamp, San Francisco,  @marumushi, also of Flipboard fame.

  • County 911 dispatch log Our county, fortunately,  publishes its log so we can track accidents and emergencies. They appear in chronological order and with locations and the name of the policy agency who is responding.
  • News release email account which we monitor for incoming media releases.
  • Audio feeds from  news services which we are licensed to use.
  • Our own online news website,  NCC News Online , so we know what’s being published  as we work on our radio cast.

What are the must-haves that you keep available through the day? Leave a message below.


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