Dig Up Info on Your Local Non-profits

I just penned my annual email to the Syracuse University comptroller’s office asking for a copy of the lastest IRS 990 form. All non-profits have to complete these.irs_logo

Since the university operates on a fiscal year of July 1 to June 30, the IRS requires the form on the fifth month after the fiscal year ends, which is November 15. Often the university files an extension, which is allowed by law, and it will be next year.

For organizations who use a calendar year, it’s May 15.

If you’ve not looked at a 990, it gives a lot of basic financial information, the organization’s mission, and — perhaps most interestingly — the salaries of the top five highest paid employees.  Here at Syracuse University the coaches often outstrip the chancellor.

So you might want to think about whichcharities  in your area might be filing this week. It could be a treasure-trove of information.

And it’s not just charities but also the famous Section 527 political committees have to file them, as well.

For more information on 990s check out this April, 2012 post.


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