How to debunk photos

The death of Whitney Houston reminded me of the times I’ve seen supposed photos of a dead celebrity or gotten an email saying “see this terrorist bloodied and battered.” And they turn about to be hoaxes.

Here’s a couple ways you can check out photos to see if they are for real. is great (see Sept. 12 post) , as you can see all the online locations and perhaps adaptations of that photo.

I just learned in reading a post from a Brit, Paul Bradshaw, @paulbradshaw, on Online Journalism Blog,  that Google has a search-by-image option which works similarly. You can check out an image from the web or your own computer to see where else it appears. You can even find related photos. Plus there’s a Chrome and  Firefox extension.

Check out this video to see how it works or read about it here. I’m still playing with these — let me know below if they work for you.


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