Help for finding a name to go with a phone number

A number comes up on your cell phone and you don’t recognize it.

Or you clean out your purse and there is a scrap of paper that has a phone number, but you have no memory of whose it is. Am I the only one who has that happen?

You can tap the number into an  online phone book, and if it’s a land line phone,  you can find out whose phone it is.

Most of the online phone books have a “reverse a phone number” tab. My favorite is the Anywho Reverse Lookup.  Try it out with a number you know, and then remember it for the next time you need it for your reporting.

A reminder — it only works if it is listed, and is a land line.

If anybody knows a way to find cell phone numbers, please let me know, as the ways I’ve tried aren’t very helpful.

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