Let crowdsourcing help you tell the story

I just ran across a note  to check back on a summer post on the blog,  The Buttry Diary, which gives tips about crowdsourcing.   Steve Buttry, @SteveButtry,  has lots of good ideas there about digital media. He’s the Director of Community Engagement & Social Media at Journal Register Co. & Digital First Media.

No time to do crowdsourcing? Steve says he hears lots of journalists say that but adds,  “crowdsourcing can also save journalists time, connecting them with sources more swiftly than traditional journalism techniques.” 

I often tell my students it is important to say what you son’t know and I see that among Steve’s  tips is this three-part mantra:

  • Say what you know
  • Say what you want to know.
  • Say what you don’t know.

Have you found crowdsourcing helps you tell better and more complete stories? Steve’s ideas make sense to me. Check them out and write below what tips you have for crowdsourcing that can make you stories quicker, better and smarter.

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