Apps Journalists Need: Federal Government

You’re out in the field and you need some quick information about the federal government. Don’t hop on Google.  You can go right to many federal agencies directly. No need to page through that long Google list nor risk getting a bogus source. If  you’ve set up a folder on your smartphone with federal agency apps, you go straight there.

Here’s the fed’s mobile app site with a host of federal agency apps. You can search:

Take 20 minutes today to download apps from the main agencies that will have information you might need.  Play around.  This is the way to get that extra fact or nugget that the competition doesn’t have.

For example, one that every reporter should have is the FAA app from which you can look up plane tail numbers (essential when a plane crashes), and track airport delays.

Also – how about  paging through some of these agency apps to see what’s there. I bet you’ll find story ideas for the future.



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