Try an Internet directory for news background

Need to background an unfamiliar topic? Use a directory of quality links, rather than a search engine. A good one is  Internet Public Library2

Someone once explained that a Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) is good for finding the needle in the haystack, but if you want to start with the haystack, then go to a directory. Someone, in this case librarians, have scoured a lot of sites and selected those with the highest quality, so what you get here should be good information.

I like IPL2, which is a 2010 merger of two websites  I used to use,  Internet Public Library and the Librarians’ Internet Index websites. Drexel University hosts the site with several universities assisting in maintaining it.

Scan down the list of links and see if there’s one that is helpful.  It’s hierarchical so you click through, get another list, click, and so forth.  You can also put search terms in the search box but I find the first method better at the start, when I want general information.

It’s not great for breaking news as librarians don’t update the links on the spot. And you don’t always find what you need, but I find it worth a try, again for a general subject. I trust the librarians more than the search engine!

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