Use this Site for Drunken Driving Statistics

What happens every 48 seconds, 30 times a day?

The headline probably gave away the answer: Someone is killed in an alcohol-related transportation accident. That’s according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, republished by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

It’s likely that law enforcers will be stepping up the drunken driving patrols this holiday season. That could be a story when the news runs dry this month.

What are the latest in techniques or equipment being used? Have government cutbacks meant fewer patrols since sometimes they are funded with overtime money or grants? Does any agency keep stats on the severity of ¬†punishment of drunken drivers? [and yes, AP style requires “drunken driving,” not “drunk driving”].¬†

For background on those or other stories related to drunken driving, check out the CDC’s page on impaired driving, other links shown on that page, and this section on impaired driving from NHTSA.

Hey, be careful out there.

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