Finding Transportation Statistics

The first snowfall in Central New York has reminded me of the dangers of winter driving.  If you want some statistics about transportation, do you know where to go?

Accidents in 2010 from the NTSB

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) publishes accident fatalities. For 2010, it shows the number of deaths on:

  • Highway: 32,885
  • Rail: 813
  • Marine: 733
  • Aviation: 472
  • Pipeline:722

Each of these topics is broken down further in easy-to-read pie chart fashion (see right).

The NTSB also offers a chart of each accident by type (see reports on this page)  as well as a searchable database of its investigations into accidents.

It takes as long as two years for a complete investigation so you can see which it is still working on at its investigations page. You’ll also find a narrative  summary of investigations completed each year in the NTSB Annual Report.




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