Top 5 Election Sites For Research

Good luck to all of you spending a long, long day reporting on election day. Here are my top five websites if you need to research information on state or federal elections Tuesday:

  1. Federal Election Commission, with law, campaign finance data, quick answers to common questions and more.
  2.  Ballotpedia‘s links to election agencies in all states
  3. Poll data at Gallup polls or
  4. The Library of Congress Thomas site with links to all websites of current U.S. House and U.S. Senate members, bills and more
  5. or PolitiFact to verify or debunk claims about candidates
And here’s my quirky bonus: The Green Papers. This doesn’t look like much but I’ve found the information to be spot-on for primary and caucus dates, convention information, state links and historical perspective. 

Let me know below other must-haves political sites that you use.




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