Search for Grants to Local Arts Groups

The symphony in the city where I live went bankrupt last year.  The tough economy has meant many arts groups are scrambling for money.  Ever wonder what types of government grants the arts groups in your area are getting?

Here’s one way to check for federal money.

The National Endowment for the Arts regularly gives out grants.  Here’s a quick tip for how to search certain key words, only on one website. It works with Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  Here’s the formula:

       keyword(s) site:web-address-minus-www

Here’s an example:

      Syracuse 2012

How did I know what address to put in? I could have just put but when I went there I found the grants section so I used that address instead. By putting in the “2012” I limited it to the current year.  Here is what came up:

When I clicked on the first link I found a grant to the local theater, which did not surprise me. But the second result told of a grant that I didn’t know about —  for a photography residency  to a small arts operation:

Might be a story there.  See what you find for your city or region.

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