Online Resources for Stories on Gas Prices

I just drove by a station that was selling gas for $3.95 in Central New York.  And then I saw a story in the LA Times noting, “[t]he consumer price index jumped 0.4% last month from January, mostly because of energy prices…”

So many of you might be doing gas stories. Here are some helpful online resources:

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks gas prices for unleaded regular and all grades ($3.57 and $3.62 in February, respectively.). You can do comparisons by month for the past 10 years.
  • GasBuddy is a way to find local prices. You just type in a zip code.  Tell your readers, viewers, listeners where to find the least expensive gas.
  • Similarly, Mapquest shows the lowest prices, but on a map.  I just checked and the least expensive gas in my area is, lucky me, less than a mile from my home.  I’ve never been to that station but I sure will be going!
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