Can’t find that tweet?

You saw something on your twitter feed and want to go back to it, but can’t find it, right?

Twitter’s search is helpful for ┬árecent tweets. It’s changed its address in the last year. Point your browser to, not And I always recommend you check out the Advanced Search page to refine your search.

Twitter doesn’t keep a master archive going back to its beginning. I’m not sure anyone does.

But for older tweets, try ┬áIn its Guide for Newsrooms, @twitter itself mentions Topsy, with this euphemism, “Topsy allows you to find non-real-time Twitter content for background on bigger stories.”

And by the way, check out that Guide for Newsrooms — you just might pick up another trick or two. And if you are a twitter fiend, check out this “Nine Things You Didn’t Know about Twitter” from a recent New York Times.

I’m always looking for other ideas to share, so leave a comment below of a trick or tip that’s helped you in using online resources for stories.

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