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If you’re new to a topic or even trolling online for story ideas, why not spend a few minutes seeing what people are blogging about. It’s my new mantra — spend seven minutes on something to see what I can learn. Anybody can find seven minutes. But I have to set a timer or I’d be there an hour!

A search for "IPhone" netted this today.

A quick way to see what is in the blogosphere is to search by keyword or topic on a website such as  Technorati.

For example, I put in “IPhone” a few weeks after the release of a new phone and operating system. At the right is what I got.  And I found a couple leads, if I worked the business or consumer beats.

You can also peruse its directory of blogs or check out which are its “top 100” blogs.

It also offers what it calls “channels” with blogs on these topics:  Women, technology, business,  entertainment, lifestyle, sports and politics.

If you’ve got a favorite way to search blogs, please leave a comment below and I’ll share it with our followers.

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