Help with news story ideas on environment

Stuck for story ideas? Get the free  biweekly email or RSS of  story leads from Society for Environmental  Journalists, @sejorg.

The list includes 4-5 leads every other week and it tips you off on reports to be issued, trends or upcoming newsworthy events.  

For example, weather is always a good story, right? The Sept. 14 edition explains that NOAA says the La Nina weather pattern is back and notes, “If typical patterns pan out in the new cycle, that could lead to more drought and fires in the south, and blizzards and flooding in the north.” How do you help readers/viewers/listeners be ready?

The website is also very helpful with resources to background yourself on covering many environmental issues. One example: food and farms, which includes sections on locavors, food safety and animal feed operations. 

Know of other story idea lists, tips and guides? Leave a note below. 

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