Get better results in Internet searches with phrase searching

For better results w/ Google, Bing, Yahoo!, use quotes around a phrase. “Skaneateles Festival” nets 80% fewer results than the two words alone do.

The first, “Skaneateles Festival”  will give you every page that has both words back-to-back on it. But if you just put in the two words, Skaneateles Festival, most search engines will read that as Skaneateles and Festival and give you every page with Skaneateles and every page with Festival. 

But note if a page had Skaneateles 2011 Festival,  your first search wouldn’t find it because of the additional characters in between the two words. So experiment: try one phrase in quotes, then try another, or drop the quotes.

Also if you get too many bad hits, or extraneous pages that you don’t want, you can use the minus sign. For example, if I just wanted to read about the Skaneateles Festival in 2011, but kept getting information about the two  previous years I would put:

“Skaneateles Festival” -2010 -2009

And by the way, this is a great chamber music festival in a quaint Central New York village on the Finger Lakes.

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