Internet search tip: searching key words at a website

To search on just one website, not the whole ‘net,  use this formula to filter — keyword and only that keyword, at that site, comes up. 

For example if you  knew I (Barbara Fought) worked at the Newhouse School and wanted to find my bio or any mention of me at my workplace, you’d put this search statement into any  search engine:

Barbara Fought

Notice that you don’t leave space after the word “site:”  The search engine will look for these letters: “barbara fought” only at the website:

But you may not want to use the phrase search “Barbara Fought” because it wouldn’t pick up anything on that site with “Barbara Croll Fought,” as it just looks for “barbara” adjacent to “fought.”

Ever want to tweet about someone and acknowledge him or her  but you don’t know that twitter name? Try: firstname lastname  Often this works better for me than putting the name in twitter’s own search.  So for example if you didn’t know my twitter name was @bcfought you’d find it by putting this formula in the search box of  most any search engine:

“barbara fought”

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