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Sep 23

Get better results in Internet searches with phrase searching

For better results w/ Google, Bing, Yahoo!, use quotes around a phrase. “Skaneateles Festival” nets 80% fewer results than the two words alone do. The first, “Skaneateles Festival”  will give you every page that has both words back-to-back on it. … Read More

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Sep 16

Internet search tip: searching key words at a website

To search on just one website, not the whole ‘net,  use this formula to filter — keyword and only that keyword, at that site, comes up.  For example if you  knew I (Barbara Fought) worked at the Newhouse School … Read More

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Sep 10

Internet search tip: Try another search engine

Think all search engines are alike? Not so!  Compare how different they are at  thumbshots or BlindSearch. When I do training, most people are surprised that the search engines come up with quite different results. Research shows most of us … Read More

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